Divide Punjab Save Pakistan

It seems for the first time in the history of Pakistan, Punjabi Establishment that is ruling and ruining Pakistan for the last 62 years is trapped by the people of Pakistan.Punjab

Punjabi Establishment and its blue eye politicians Nawaz Sharif wants immediate abolition of 17th amendment to rule this country again but the people of smaller provinces wants to use this Golden opportunity to get their due rights from which they are deprived from last 62 years.

Punjab and its establishment is ruling Pakistan with the help of Strong Punjabi bureaucracy, Its Army, Feudals and the paid Mullahs who always sides with the Punjabi establishment and deprived not only the innocent people of Pakistan and Punjab from their due rights but also deprived the smaller provinces from the due share of resources.

Many of the critics try to malign the fact that only a single Punjabi Prime Minister rule Pakistan and rest were non Punjabies but they didn’t tell the people that who havs the lions share in Civil and Military bureaucracy, it is an established fact that Majority of Generals in Army and Top bureaucrats are all Punjabies and these are the people who not only Murdered first prime Minister of Pakistan Liaquat Ali Khan but also break Pakistan into two. The person Gen A.K Niazi, responsible for the defeat in East Pakistan and who surrendered with 90,000 soldiers were given the name Shair –e- Punjab (Lion of Punjab) by the people of Punjab and when he died he was rapped into Pakistani Flag and buried.

Punjab and its establishment is so robbing and looting the resources of smaller provinces and not ready to give the provincial autonomy to the smaller provinces, in the 2nd tenure of Nawaz Sharif he abolished 58-2/B from the constitution with 2/3 majority but he didn’t give Provincial Autonomy to the provinces, can anyone ask WHY ?

Recently the huge budget of Rs389.06 billion of Punjab is presented in Punjab Assembly, out of this huge budget 40 % is only allocated for LAHORE and only 2.5% is allocated for Southern Punjab, this allocation shows the biasness and hate for the people living in Southern Punjab by Punjabi Establishment.

Now the People of Punjab is asking for its own province and the puppets of Punjabi Establishment is giving stupid accuses against it.

The core of Punjabi Establishment belongs from Central Punjab, the Top Generals and Top bureaucrats are all from Central Punjab, They are ruling and robbing the country by showing that the Punjab is the biggest province due to its large population and robbing a huge share of money from Federation, but in reality the Actual Punjab is a little place the biggest part is Southern Punjab which is deprived from the their due rights as they don’t speak Punjabi.

It is a well known fact that, Punjabi establishment made all the policies of making Jehadis or Talibans, the General and bureaucrats who made all the policies are still living in their lavish houses but the innocent Pukhtoons and Saraikis who were brain washed are now getting the wrath of US and all the Punjabi Generals like Hameed Gul and their partners in Bureaucracy are living peacefully and the people they made becomes RAW, CIA or Mossad Agents.

The Policies of Punjabi Establishment didn’t give anything to the people of Pakistan instead they only give misery and poverty to the people and this is now time to Divide Punjab and bring an end to the Baladsti of Punjab once and for all.

The federation of Pakistan is imbalanced due to a fact that the 3 smaller provinces jointly have lesser seats in National Assembly then Punjab, Punjab holds more seats then the whole Pakistan simply means a person only won from Punjab can made Government in Pakistan.

It is also very interesting that Karachi gives more then 68% revenue to Pakistani Federation but in return only get 2 %.

As far as Nawaz Sharif is concern, he is a blue eye politician of Punjabi Establishment as Punjabi Establishment don’t have anyone whom they can trust now and that was the reason according to reports, D.G ISI Nadeem Taj himself went to Saudia and bargain the return of Nawaz Sharif against the will and consent of then President Parveez Musharraf..

This is now time to Divide and end the Baladsti of Punjab otherwise the people of smaller provinces and Southern Punjab would take matters in their own hands and that would be a disaster for Pakistan.

This is a Golden chance for the people of Smaller provinces and Southern Punjab to bargain as Punjabi Establishment on any cost wants to make Nawaz Sharif the Prime Minister of Pakistan and he can’t become PM as far as 17 Amendment is in Place, so now Punjab have to give something to rule Pakistan again and that something is Provincial Autonomy to smaller provinces and dividation of Punjab.

The only solution to save Pakistan is to Divide Punjab and give Autonomy to provinces.